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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fanuc Macro Programming Series - Part #6 - Video Tutorial #1

They say the best way to learn is to see it in action. So this post we have a real treat in our Fanuc Macro Programming Series.

This post you get to listen to my "lark like" voice explain the method of assigning variables values and the building of a simple macro program to engrave (2) squares. It's not about the machining ... it's about the building and structure of the macro program.

It should be helpful in getting started down the road to building your macros, growing in complexity. ENJOY !!! ... but make sure you understand what's happening here so we can move on in later posts.

CLICK the Reel Icon Below to OPEN the Video Tutorial

Making Chips? ... why not make it a Macro !!
See ya next month !!